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Frequently asked questions

Retailers / Frequently Asked Questions

What technical conditions do I need to fulfil for integration with FACILITYWORLD?

You need to have a BMECat or CSV connection to be able to download data to the app via the FACILITYWORLD platform. Neither ERP nor PIM are required, but integration via ERP or PIM is possible in principle. You do not need your own IT for the integration process. Communication takes place directly through the platform or by email. Alternatively, direct integration with your ERP system is also possible. An iPad is required to use the app. The software is installed through the Apple store, where you can download the app quickly and easily.

Do I need a special ERP tool?

No. The platform can be used without ERP or your ERP can be fully integrated on a project basis. You can define the depth of integration yourself

Do I have to sell other manufacturers' items as an FW partner

No. The decision as to which items are made available from the product range lies with the manufacturer. You (the retailer) in turn individually determine which items you want to sell. That means that all platform participants retain full responsibility for their business/offer and decide themselves what to offer or sell. You can also exclusively distribute your own products via the app

Who delivers the goods to the customers?

The manufacturer delivers the goods directly to the customers

Which manufacturers are already participants?
What are the costs for me?
Who invoices the customers?

You (the distributor/retailer) do the invoicing

Who are my contractual partners?
  • FACILITYWORLD as the platform operator
  • The conditions for your products/product range are negotiated and defined directly between you (the manufacturer) and the retailers
How long will it be before I can start to sell using the app?

You can start to sell one working day after you have fulfilled all the technical requirements

Who defines the selling prices for selected products?

The manufacturer approves purchasing conditions for its products via the FACILITYWORLD platform. On this basis, you (the 2-stage distributor) can define your sales prices.

What do I need to do to sell products from partners using the app?
  1. Select the product range you want to offer
  2. Negotiate conditions with the manufacturer/s
  3. Have the item enabled and install it on your iPad using the app
What will be my regular responsibilities?
  1. Defining and expanding the product range
  2. Selling onsite via the FACILITYWORLD app
  3. Invoicing your customers